Migration of Microsoft Office documents

The customer's request was to migrate his nearly 500,000 Microsoft Office 2003 (and older) documents with a spreading of Word: 35%, Excel: 50% and PowerPoint 15%.

Due to the upcoming change to the new Microsoft Office 2010, the project including conception and development of the corresponding software tools had to be implemented within a period of 4 weeks. A period of one weekend was planned for the actual conversion of the documents.

The challenge was to provide the conversion software with appropriate reporting options to create, for example, views of protected documents, so that these could be converted manually by the users. For this purpose, the document owners of all documents and their source directories had to be identified.

After the successful simulation of a migration, elpix ag was able to achieve a conversion rate of more than 85 %. The remaining documents were also successfully migrated and individual macros adapted to the new office.

  • Implementation period: 4 weeks
  • Conception, design, planning, implementation
  • Development of a tool for automatic conversion
  • Development of a reporting system
  • Development of a communication platform
  • Migration of 500,000 Microsoft Office documents
  • Storage space savings of more than 30%
  • Migration in just 2 days