Our values

The elpix DNA.

Our corporate values express how we want to work and live together. They form the foundation for our company’s long-term success.
Simultaneously they define our motives and guiding principles.
For now and the future.

Our core values


We follow an idealistic approach and take the freedom to do good and follow our intuition.


We treat each other with respect. We appreciate people and their differences. We always see the whole picture and support each individual to fulfil their potential.


We approach tasks and people with humility and patience. We question ourselves and are open to constructive criticism.


We are honest and fair to our employees, customers and partners. We keep our promises, resolve conflicts and ease possible tensions. We expect our counterpart to do the same.


We are dynamic, quick and agile. We playfully use unconventional means and create inventive and unprecedented benefits for our customer.


We are curious to discover new grounds and take risks. We dare to try new things and risk making mistakes in doing so.


We are persistent and continue where others stop. We stand for optimism and confidence.