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We are
Team elpix.

We are a colourful team of courageous, idealistic and creative IT heads with roots from all over the world and a common home in the heart of the Ruhr area.

We create game-changing solutions for your digital requirements of tomorrow.

Entrepreneurial spirit, excellent consulting, state-of-the-art technologies and decades of expertise are core elements of our philosophy and actions.

Our values

We are digital leaders.

We embrace a culture that allows us to think outside the box: We are open to new ideas and are maximally flexible for what may come next. We therefore follow targeted strategies, concepts and methods to provide our employees with freedom for creative development.

Meet the Executive Board

We dive deep into your processes to understand the challenges you are facing. Together, we develop smart and sustainable solutions – including appropriate technologies.
Technology has to match with people, not the people with technology. This is what we live by and strive for.

Arian Hoxha
Arian Hoxha

Member of the Executive Board, Founder

There is a wide range of topics and activities. On the one hand, I’m serving our customers as IT architect and project & program manager for dedicated projects. On the other hand, I devote myself to technology integration in business environments, sales & networking as well as building strategic partnerships.

I co-founded elpix in 2001.

Since I was a little boy, I have been fascinated by life-long learning. I always wanted to be part of a larger community in which we can learn and grow. A community that is constantly evolving while staying true to its values. Philosophy, history, music instruments, a new language… learning is fun.

Christian Gubensek
Christian Gubensek

Member of the Executive Board

As part of the Executive Board, I am responsible for the strategic development of our corporate group. Every day, I am motivated to make elpix a place where people meet, grow and can achieve their full potential.

I completed the dual studies program at elpix.

Those who know me, know that I like to read a lot. At the moment, I like the books by Ferdinand von Schirach, because they are very entertaining. I also enjoy reading “world literature” classics.

Patrick Heike
Patrick Heike

Member of the Executive Board

One of my strengths is to translate complex issues into simplified processes and individual work packages. It contributes to developing innovative and sustainable products and services, as well as to focus on operational factors and costs early on by verifying its business efficiency.

I met Arian, one of elpix’ founders, while I consolidated infrastructure services at my previous employer. In this position I wanted to change the approach from purchasing individual resources to defined results. In this context, I got to know elpix, its culture and mindset. After a few years of collaboration, we then discussed how a joint cooperation could look like…

Sustainable and renewable energies. This is the industry of the future. At the moment, I’m using my expertise on processes and IT. However, I would like to be an expert of the dedicated products. I expect a lot of innovation in the next 15 years here. Why can’t streets transform sunlight into energy? Why can’t cars charge inductively while driving or house walls … and many more.

Your contacts

Marie Mrzyglod
Marie Mrzyglod

elpix Academy

As a change manager and trainer I provide support for our costumers during their digital transformation and their organisational and team development. My personal motivation is to qualify employees for the change and to design costumized trainings.

Christian, one of the elpix’ Executive Board members, dropped me a message on XING in 2019. I joined elpix a month later.

I like running, so probably in athletics (100m sprints). Obviously not on olympic level ;-) but it is fun nonetheless.

Borna Novosel
Borna Novosel

Microsoft Dynamics 365

I am a strategic consultant for business solutions with Microsoft-technologies (M365, Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Azure). I feel the most comfortable where people and technology come together and I support our costumers and partners with passion.

Through a good friend of mine, who joined elpix a long time ago.

I would like to be able to manipulate matter and energy on a subatomic level with my thoughts. With that, I could solve most of the current problems of mankind like hunger, energy shortage, climate change etc…

Egzon Gashi
Egzon Gashi

Cloud Transition & Collaboration Hub

I am a senior IT-consultant, focusing on various internal as well as external topics. I am the key contact person for a biotech customer, but also support and contribute to the topics Cloud Transition & Collaboration Hub. Furthermore I support the area Transformation and Change.I am a professional nag and like to drive things forward.

Previously, I worked as a programm manager in an IT association. There I met many interesting people. This included also the execuitive board of elpix. After finding out that our mindsets and future ideas matched, I had no other choice than to join the team.

My goal is to help develop the potential of people and elpix. Therefore, I am always looking for ways to enhance learning by challenging the thoughts of others in a discussion and creating an environment that encourages progress. As a leader, I care deeply about the development of my team members, which directly translates to the development of elpix as well.

Shoghla Barak
Shoghla Barak

Authorized signatory & assistant to the executive board

As the management assistant and authorized signatory, I support the team in terms of all administrative activities. I am responsible for staff management and accounting.

I applied through Stepstone.

For one year I would like to live close to the ocean, that is all that matters. The location itself is secondary. The sun and beaches make me happy.

Thomas Werkes
Thomas Werkes

Change Management & Processes

For me, everything revolves around processes: From modelling and optimisation to digitalisation and automation. I always have my finger on the pulse of the times and implement the latest technologies for our customers. In addition, I support our customers in the areas of PowerPlatform and Business Intelligence. I am the right contact person for strategic questions through to operational implementation.

Like many of my team members, I joined elpix through a friend of mine. He advertised elpix very well, but for me it was important to get a first-hand impression as well. Even after 2 years, I am still very happy with the decision I took.

To read the thoughts of my counterpart would be my super-power. To always know what the other person thinks would be very helpful. Many issues could be solved much easier.

Felix Dietzel
Felix Dietzel

Managed Services

From IT & Service Strategy, Business Operations & IT Service Management to full Managed Services as accelerators for digital transformations.

My current colleagues Thomas Werkes & Andre Turner brought elpix AG to my attention, which resulted in a conversation with the management board. It quickly became apparent what kind of spirit drives elpix and where the journey will go. From that point on, it was clear to me that I wanted to get involved here.

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We are convinced that every challenge holds an opportunity. We face it with curiosity, flexibility and persistence.